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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Favorite Drugstore Lipstick Brands

I haven't gotten the hang of photographing swatches yet, so I'll start off with a list of my favorite lipstick brands. I suppose the title is a bit misleading since I only own drugstore lipsticks, but they're still my favorite out of the brands that I do own.  I've tried other ones, but these are just the ones I like best right now.  Eventually I'll be swatching all of these and doing mini-reviews of each, but for now here's an overview of the lipstick brands in general.

 1. Revlon

I love these, but they're kinda pricey for drugstore, so I don't own as many as I would like.  They have two lines of lipstick: the first two of these are from Super Lustrous line, which have black packaging.  These are nice and creamy, and have no smell.  Then, there's the Moon Drops line, which have green packaging.  This line is mainly composed of vintage Revlon colors--some of them going as far back as the 1950's!  These have a strong synthetic smell, which I suppose is how lipstick used to smell in the old days.  It's not for everyone.  They last a long time though, and stain the lips, too.  Hot Coral is my HG red.

2. CoverGirl
Heavenly, Temptress, Fairytale, Flame
 These are from the Color Perfection line.  I love the formula of these.  They're creamy, but they don't have much slip.  In fact, it's almost like they become one with your lips.  The only bad thing is that they apply a bit darker than they show in the tube, and get darker throughout the day.  The staying power is phenomenal, though!  They stain like crazy so even if the lipstick itself wears off, you still have nice, even color on your lips.  I would buy more of them, but most of the colors in the line are either too dark or too frosty.  Heavenly is my HG special occasion lipstick.  It's a dark enough pink to be dressy, like something you'd wear to a job interview, and it has enough staying power that I don't have to worry about touching up.  Love it.

3. Rimmel
Nostalgia, Kasbah, Airy Fairy, Kate #14
The first three are from the Lasting Finish line, and #14 is from the Kate Moss collection.  Let's see how I can describe the formula of these...it's creamy but thin, and it's slightly sticky.  The staying power is great though, and I usually don't have to worry about reapplying these unless I've eaten.  They can get drying though, as the day goes on.  I love all of these lipsticks, though with the exception of Airy Fairy, a light hand is best with these.  Applied heavily, Kasbah is way too dark for my pale skin, though applied lightly it's a wonderful dark nude.  I'm sad that Airy Fairy was (supposedly) discontinued though--I'll have to buy a backup one of these days.

4. Wet N Wild
Within These Adobe Walls, Pinkerbell, Coraline, Just Peachy, Hot Paris Pink
I own more of these than I care to admit, so these are just a few of my favorite ones.  They're the most affordable lipsticks at the drugstore (and high quality too!), so I just can't help myself.  Within These Adobe Walls is is from the Megashield line.  Pinkerbell, Coraline and Just Peachy are from the Megalast line, and Hot Paris Pink is from the Silk Finish line.  All of the lines are nice, though most of my lipsticks are from the Megalast line.  I suppose it's because they're all matte, and Wet n' Wild seems to think it's a great idea to make most of their lipsticks frosty.  I would definitely buy more from their other lines if that wasn't the case.  Within These Adobe Walls is a lovely every day pinky-coral, and Pinkerbell is a dupe for Viva Glam Nicki.
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