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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Revlon Moondrops Blase Apricot Nailpolish Dupe

As I mentioned in my favorite drugstore lipsticks post, I own Hot Coral and Blase Apricot from the Revlon Moondrops line.  Blase Apricot is a very bright orangey coral color, and as far as my knowledge goes, it's also a dead-on dupe for MAC Vegas Volt.  Around a month ago, I bought Wet n' Wild Wild Shine polish in Blazed, and when I got around to using it, I found it looked exactly the same as Blase Apricot!

Here's how it looks like next to my nails:
As you can see, on the camera Blase Apricot has a bit more pink in it than Blazed does, but I find that in person they look almost identical.  Here's a blurry picture with flash to show how similar they can look:

Amazing quality.
And here's a lip swatch!

On the lips, it looks like they're both the same color except Blase Apricot is slightly more toned down, though this could be remedied with a heavier lipstick application.

Something interesting about these is that on me, Blase Apricot tends to dramatically change color in different lightings.  Indoors it looks really orange, like in my lip swatch, but outside in daylight it looks more like the picture with flash--sometimes pinker, even.  I was surprised to find that Blazed also pulls the same color-changing trick!  So they both change into the same color in different types of lighting.  I wish they would stay pinky-coral though, since I prefer those types of colors.

It's kind of interesting how their names are similar, too.  Blazed vs. Blase Apricot.

Now, Blase Apricot is supposedly an exact dupe for Vegas Volt in color, but the Revlon Moondrops formula isn't perfect.  I quite like the formula, but it has a strong scent and taste.  It has that retro perfumey scent that's quite strong, so people who are sensitive to smells would want to steer clear.  It also has a perfumey taste, which I'm not crazy about but I can tolerate.  It could be a dealbreaker for a lot of people though.

However, if you want a drugstore dupe for Vegas Volt and a nailpolish dupe to go with it (and aren't sensitive to smell or taste), then you can't go wrong with Revlon Moondrops Lipstick in Blase Apricot ($8) and Wet n' Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Blazed ($1).  That's even less than the cost of Vegas Volt on its own!
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