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Friday, June 1, 2012

These Kleancolor baked eyeshadows are fantastic!

Top: Champagne, Glitter Copper, Khaki
Bottom: Golden Poppy, Pearl, Onyx

I like baked eyeshadows because they're so versatile.  They can be worn sheerer when dry and more intense when wet.  They're especially great as liner.  In fact, I don't actually own any colorful liners, I just use baked eyeshadow wet and it works just as well.

As you can see, some of these eyeshadows say American Eyedol while some of them say American Eyecon.  On the Kleancolor website, they only list the American Eyedol line.  I had bought these all at the same place from the same display, so I was very confused, thinking that the American Eyecon ones were perhaps an older, discontinued line or a manufacturing error.  I emailed the company about it, and they said that the American Eyecon ones are actually from a new line, and that since most stores still carry the American Eyedol ones they only list that one on their site.  However, they carry the same colors with the same quality.  Go figure.

These are dirt cheap, I bought them for $1.59 each at Pharmamax.  However, these are some of the best-performing baked eyeshadows I've used.  And the icing on the cake?  They're huge!  Each single packs a whopping 4.5g (0.15oz) of product.  Here's how they swatch, and these are dry without primer!

Onyx, Pearl, Golden Poppy, Khaki, Champagne, Copper Glitter

Onyx: Do you see how black that is?!  It becomes an even darker, more intense black when used wet, too.  I'm not really one to sport smokey eye looks, so I use this one wet as liner.  It creates such a smooth, dark line, and it stays put all day.  It even outperforms my Jordana FabuLiner (the only liquid liner I've tried, I'll admit).  It's amazing, you need it.

Pearl: This one is a shimmery white.  I own a lot of these kinds of shades because I love the brightening effect they have.  What sets this one apart from the rest is that when applied to a damp eyelid, the little iridescent shimmers shine through.  When applied dry it's a standard sheer white, and when applied wet it's an opaque, uniformly shimmery white; but it's when it's applied the way I described above is when it really shines.

Golden Poppy: It's a shimmery orange color, totally on-trend.  Not for me, unfortunately, as I look ghastly in orange eyeshadow.  I've heard it's good as a blush though--the last time I tried I applied too heavily and had seriously shimmery cheeks, but it might look better applied sparingly.  It's worth looking into, at least.

Khaki: This one is a beautiful color.  It looks a bit taupe-y in the swatch photo, but it's actually more of a dark, browned olive.  If it was a little lighter I'd wear it as a lid color.  It's too dark for that, though, so I wear it wet as liner instead and it looks great like that. 

Champagne: It's a light gold color, certainly lighter than their Gold, but I don't know if I'd really call this one champagne.  I like this one for its versatility, as this one can also be used sheerly on the face for a beautiful golden highlight.  I'm all about the golden shimmer these days, but blush is sometimes a bit much on me, so already having a golden highlighter in my stash makes me happy.

Copper Glitter: This one is a very pigmented copper shade with fine microglitter in it.  Like I said before, I look terrible in orange eyeshadow, and that extends to coppers, too.  I wish I could find a way to make this one work for me, but it's just been sitting in my makeup drawer, neglected.

I love this eyeshadow line--the only complaint I have is that the line is mostly brights, and I'm more of a neutral eyeshadow kind of girl.  I wish they had some taupes, or maybe even a lovely metallic pewter--I'd be really happy with those!

It seems the brand was thoughtful enough to swatch the line themselves, which you can find here.
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