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Friday, June 1, 2012

My Go-To Eyeshadows

Top: Wet n' Wild Sweet as Candy Trio, Revlon Polished Bronze, Revlon Nude Slip
Bottom: CoverGirl Mink, CoverGirl Tapestry Taupe, Wet n' Wild Nutty, Wet n' Wild Brulee

These are my favorite everyday eyeshadows.  I rarely ever do anything fancy on my eyes, so I use these on their own on my lid, with the exception of Brulee, which I use around my eyes as a sort of powder concealer.

Here are swatches of these on bare skin with no primer:

Wet n' Wild Brulee, Wet n' Wild Sweet as Candy Trio (Browbone), CoverGirl Mink, Revlon Nude Slip, Revlon Polished Bronze, CoverGirl Tapestry Taupe, Wet n' Wild Nutty

Wet n' Wild Brulee: This shade is a bit hard to see because it's so similar to my skin tone.  Wet n' Wild's mattes are great, and this one is smooth and easy to blend.  I feel like with my particular skin tone, I don't like it all that much as a lid shade, but it it has a great brightening effect when used around my eye.  The one I show here is actually my second one--I use it every day, and is a staple for me.

Wet n' Wild Sweet as Candy (Browbone): This one is a shimmery white.  I have a lot of these, but I like This one in particular because it has good pigmentation and is easy to blend.  The shimmer is fine, and when applied lightly is great as a brightening wash.  I love to use this one when I'm wearing brighter lipstick.

Covergirl Mink: This is supposedly a dupe for MAC All That Glitters.  I don't own All That Glitters, so I can't make a comparison.  This one is a peachy/tan/gold color that is somewhat frosty.  It looks really nice with bright watermelon pink lipstick.

Revlon Nude Slip: This is like a darker, less shimmery version of Mink.  It's a beautiful color, and blends in well with my natural eyelid color, creating a sort of my-eyelid-but-better shade.  The Revlon eyeshadows in general don't get much love (and I see why, the Perle ones are glitterbombs), but I really like the Satin formula.  They're super-pigmented, smooth and easy to blend.  They don't sell these anymore at Walgreens (I was told they were being discontinued), but I've still seen them in stock at Wal-Mart.

Revlon Polished Bronze: This is a subtly shimmery brown-leaning bronze.  It's a nice, soft shade, only slightly darker than my eyelid color.  I don't wear this one as much because I prefer to wear taupes, but this really is a lovely color.

CoverGirl Tapestry Taupe: This is my go-to taupe.  It's a medium gray-taupe with no purple undertones, which I prefer because purple tones in my eyeshadow makes me look sinister.  It's a pretty basic shade, and it looks great with anything I wear.

Wet n' Wild Nutty: This one is slightly darker than Tapestry Taupe.  It's got lots of silver shimmer over a brown base, as you can see due to the curvature of my arm.  The shimmer in this one is beautiful.  I feel like it wears best over a primer, though, since in my experience the silver shimmer seems to wear off during the day, exposing the brown base.  A lot has been said about this shade on the internet, lots of people seem to love it!
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