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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bettina Gel Eyeliner Follow-Up Review

So yesterday I decided to test the wear of the Bettina gel eyeliner that I reviewed in my previous post.  I applied it with the brush it came with, or well, I did most of the time.  I found that the brush it came with was thicker than I'm used to for an eyeliner brush, and by consequence I was surprised by how thick the line it made was.  Not only that, but it had a few stray hairs so it deposited color in places I didn't want it to.  Then, it made a mess when I was trying to go over the outer flick and define it.  By that point, I got frustrated and switched to my usual eyeliner brush.  My usual eyeliner brush is actually Studio35 and I got it in a cheapie travel pack at Walgreens; but I've found it to satisfy all of my eyeliner needs.  Anyway, point is, the brush this came with doesn't.  Don't bother with it.

This is how my eyeliner looked like when I applied it at around 1:00pm:

Even though the line was a lot thicker than I'd usually wear, I think it ended up looking okay.  I'm not wearing any other makeup on my eyes other than a bit of Wet n Wild Brulee under my eyes and my inner corner/sides of my nose.

Now, here's what it looked like at 11:00pm when I got home:

Basically, it looks exactly the same.  It looked the same when I finally removed it at 2am, too.  So that's more than 12 hours without budging on a 95 degree summer day and stupid levels of humidity.  Bettina Cosmetics is a Puerto Rican brand, so it's probably formulated to withstand the ridiculous heat and humidity.  I will say this, though: most eye products don't fade or crease on me, even without primer.  My lids are fairly dry, too; so YMMV.  My Jordana FabuLiner does fade slightly throughout the day though, so it's better compared to that.

After the relative mess it was to clean it off my hands, I found that it was easy to remove from my eyes.  I just let the soap break down the product first, and it removed cleanly.

All in all, this is a great product.  The girl at the makeup counter at Walgreens told me that they sell well, and I can see why.  They do a stellar job and at $4, it's a steal.  If you're able to get your hands on Bettina products, I highly recommend you try this.
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