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Friday, June 22, 2012

L'oreal H.I.P. Eyeshadow Duo in Mischief

I love brightening champagne shades; and when I bought this duo on clearance for $4, I didn't own any black eyeshadows.  The darker side looked black enough in store, so I thought it was a great deal.  Turns out the darker side is actually a navy color.  Even though I don't wear navy eyeshadow, I love the color of the lighter side.

As you can see, the lighter side is a very neutral, almost cool-toned antique gold with silver shimmer.  It's similar to my skin tone when applied to my eyelid, so it takes a bit of building to be noticeable.  As you can also see, the navy side of the duo is rather under-performing.  The navy shadow is hard to the touch, and has barely any color payoff.  It might be better with primer, though I haven't tried to use it that way.  Honestly if you want a navy eyeshadow there are better options out there, and probably for less.

The duo compact is chunky and it has a little compartment which opens up to reveal  a sponge-tip applicator.  I thought that the reason these were on clearance is because it was supposed to come with a mirror on the bottom, though from what I've seen on the internet this is not the case.

For some reason, this eyeshadow duo often sits at the back of my makeup drawer, ignored--I should use it more often.  In all honesty though, this isn't a product I would recommend.  The gold eyeshadow is nice, but it's not outstanding enough to warrant buying the entire duo for it, and much less for the $8 this usually sells for.
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